sublimeade (sublimeade) wrote in arlenisdarlin,

South Park/Arlen crossover

did ANYONE ELSE catch the Boys on the latest episode of South Park?? "Cartoon Wars (2)" is the 2nd part where Cartman and Kyle fight out the fate of Family Guy. The boys are fighting in Fox's Hollywood lot when they crash into the HQ of King of the Hill!!! (there was possibly a Mike Judge character drawn in there - since he did play Kenny in the movie). For sure, there were the Kings of Rainey Street, then a banner of Hank and Bobby, then a sketch of Dale's head. As for the rest of the show, well I tend to agree with South Park in that South Park has become so preachy they've forgotten to be funny, and Family Guy is just joke after joke. But long live the King.

I must buy, propane.
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