Madam, I'm Adam (shycomputerguy) wrote in arlenisdarlin,
Madam, I'm Adam


Here is some background, I live next to this crazy nut job lady. I don't exactly know what her deal is, but she is always having the police come to her house cause, well, she's nuts. Anyway, the cops visited her last night (usually happens about twice a month), and had about 6 or 8 cop cars parked in front of my house.

Anyway, I come in to work this morning and my boss, who happens to live across the street from me, says;

"So yeah, my new girlfriend was over at my house last night and saw all those cop cars in front of your house and I told her you must be at it again. She of course looked all shocked."

So I chuckled and said, "Yeah, well I got home and my dinner wasn't ready so you know. That is why I call my wife my better half, cause she better have my dinner on the table when I get home."

I don't think he realized it was a King of the Hill quote, but we both laughed. Spousal abuse humor is so funny...ok, not really...but it was still funny.
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